Five Tips on How to Design Your Perfect Dinner Table

The Kitchen is the heart of a home and it is not complete without a spectacular dining table. The dining table is the Soul of the house, where your family meets to enjoy meals together, where the children do their homework and where family meetings will occasionally take place. The dining table plays a critical role in every home, meaning that you need to get yourself one that matches your lifestyle, requirements and perfectly fits in your household.

So, how do you buy a dining table that’s best suited for you?

You have probably been through the myriad of dining table designs on the internet but haven’t managed to find one that catches your eye. It’s hard to find one that matches your taste and feel. Worry not, for this article has got you covered. Here is how to design the ideal dining table.

  • Size

How big is your family and what is the size of the space you will place the dining table?

You have to consider the number of people that will use the dining table. Do you frequently host events at your house or have your extended family visit you regularly? If you entertain large crowds, you will consider getting yourself a large dining table. For a small family setting, you need a table that is sufficient enough to cater to the number in question. Additionally, the space the dining table will sit is of importance. A small area will require you to get a small dining table set to have a balanced Feng shui.

  • Table Extension

If you are a lover for hosting parties at your house, you may want to consider having table extensions on your dining table. Extensions are particularly efficient if you do not like the idea of having a bigger table in your space. If you already have a dining table and are planning to add extensions to it, there are several things you would want to consider;

Purchase a leaf of equal thickness to the table – if you do not find wood matching the same width at your local home depot, you can purchase the wood and take it to any local mill, where they will cut the wood to your desired leaf size and shape.

Stain or dye the wood with the same color dye that is on your dinner table – If in doubt as to which color to use, you can always consult a carpenter.

Use leaves that can be folded or concealed within the table – traditionally, a dining table is extended by inserting extra leaves on the opposite ends of the table. This design is still plausible. However, you may find it hectic always separating and joining the pieces together whenever you need to use them. Currently, there are new designs that allow the leaves to be concealed within the dining table canceling any need for separate pieces.

  • Choosing the Right Wood

If you intend to make a dining table, you may as well make one that will last you for years to come. The best wood for such a table is a hardwood. These include the likes of mahogany, maple, walnut, oak, and cherry. Oak is best for a household with children. Oak has a high resistance to dents and is readily available. Walnut, on the other hand, will give your table a sophisticated look. However, it is one of the most expensive woods in the market currently.

  • Constructing the Dinner Table

Having already figured out the design you want, got the right wood and the proper measurements, you can start to make your dinner table! If you have never done any woodworking project before, then share your idea with an expert and let them help you navigate some technical areas that may give you a problem. It is essential that you equip yourself with the best machinery that the market offers to make your work easier. It is of importance to make sure that the chairs to be used with the dinner table do not make it feel crowded. They have to fit perfectly and allow the person who is sitting to have enough room.

  • Table Finishing

The table finishing you use is what will set your table aside from all the rest in the market: the more natural approach you take, the better the end product. Get a blend of natural oil and wax and give your table several coats until it saturates on the wood. Using the natural coating is a fantastic way to allow the wood to exhibit its natural beauty as well as apply a finish that is easy to maintain with time.

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