Kitchen of the Week – Dallas, TX

Kitchen of the Week – Dallas, TX


CliqStudios Kitchen Design Rendering


Let’s get started on your new kitchen


CliqStudios Kitchen Design Rendering


Special CliqStudios Features Include

  • Custom refrigerator & dishwasher panels
  • Glass doors
  • “Accent” style wood range hood
  • Double trash cabinet
  • Roll out trays in base cabinets
  • Tray base cabinet
  • Moldings top and light rail
  • Decorative base molding around island
Kitchen Design Story

This particular client came to CliqStudios with a pretty clear vision of what she wanted for this kitchen.  As an interior designer herself, she had already drawn up multiple plans and elevations to show her CliqStudios designer exactly what she was looking for.

At first glance, this may seem to make the job of any CliqStudios designer easy.  Many interior designers and home improvement industry professionals come to CliqStudios with a very well thought-out, thorough, and detailed kitchen layouts.  And while CliqStudios Senior Designer Jayelynn does admit that working with a client who has a clear vision can make the process go much smoother and faster, it can also have the opposite effect as well.

All manufactures create cabinets with their own unique specifications.  Although there are many standard base and wall cabinet sizes, no two cabinet boxes are exactly alike.  This is especially true with specialty or organization cabinets, which each brand designs to their own specs.  Since we manufacture our own brand of “CliqStudios cabinets,” our cabinet box specifications do not match up with those most commonly found in commercially available design software.

Even with her years of design experience, Jayelynn’s task of translating this client’s detailed layout to match CliqStudios cabinet specifications is not to be underestimated.  The client had created this kitchen with the rest of her house in mind, and given great amounts of thought to all cabinet placement and kitchen functionality.  This was especially true of the “hutch” that would anchor the dining space, which includes many subtle customizing touches that give it a furniture feel and a stand-out piece.

This final design is a result a close collaboration between CliqStudios and the client.  After a lot of back & forth, many detailed conversations, and several revisions that included changes in door style, Jayelynn was able to meet her client’s original vision.  We’re very proud of this space and can’t wait to see photos of the finished kitchen!

Download the full customer info packet!

CliqStudios Kitchen Design Rendering

CliqStudios Kitchen Design Rendering

About “Kitchen of the Week:”  Beyond all of our past work you can view in the photo galleries, we sell dozens and even hundreds of new kitchens every week! With this new series of blog posts, we’re pulling back the curtain to show you some of the most recent and innovative kitchens coming out of our design studios. We want to show off how CliqStudios kitchen designers’ creativity and expertise in practical problem solving can improve every kitchen’s functionality, usefulness, and flow. Check out the high-quality computer renderings and floor plans that help you visualize your new kitchen.  You can even download the same, detailed packet of information that every CliqStudios customer receives with each order, so you exactly know what to expect! (names and prices redacted)


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